Main Event

Jade Triste Triples Up But Gets Penalized

Jade Triste
Pre-flop, Jade Triste went all-in with her short stack. However, it looked bad for her as two players called - Ricky Foo and Amalia Santos.

The cards were dealt first before the cards were shown, since Ricky Foo and Amalia Santos still had to duke it out.

When three hearts came on the flop, though, Jade jumped up and screamed for joy along with the group of people who had come to support her.

After the tournament director stepped in to settle everybody down, Amalia went all-in and got a fold from Ricky.

Amalia showed two red aces while Jade tabled {k-Hearts}{10-Hearts} for the flopped flush. The board ran out with no additional help for Amalia, giving the pot to Jade.

Afterwards, tournament director Bryan Malantic told all non-relevant spectators to clear out of the tournament area immediately and imposed a one-hand penalty on Jade for revealing hand information prematurely.

In any event, it does not look like it matters to Jade as she triples up with the lucky flop.

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