Main event

The Ugly Duckling Turns Into a Swan

A.J. Brock

If they gave awards for the craziest hand of the tournament, we probably have a top-three winner right here even if there are still plenty of days to be played:

Pre-flop, the UTG+1 player limped in and Jonathan Azoulay raised all-in. A.J. Brock, with only 3,275 chips left, made the call and so did the UTG+1 player.

Jonathan: {k-Diamonds}{k-Hearts}
A.J.: {3-Clubs}{4-Clubs}
UTG+1: {10-Hearts}{10-Clubs}

A.J. was pretty much left needing a miracle, and that's exactly what he got as the flop came {7-}{3-}{3-}!

The turn came a {q-} and the river was a fourth {3-}, transforing what was by far the weakest hand pre-flop and turning it into quads!

With that win, A.J. moved his stack to about 19,000 while Jonathan chipped up via the bigger stacked player.

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