Main event

Hero to Zero

Liu Jun Wei

Pichai Lim, who was chip leader for a big part of the day but lost most of his chips in the earlier hand with Jun Chanoh, is out after one of the more unusual sequences we've seen so far.

Pre-flop, Pichai went all-in from the hijack. It was folded to Liu Jun Wei in the the big blind, who asked for a count and got 23,800 for an answer. Liu said something in Chinese which Pichai mistook for "call", leading him to table {k-}{5-}.

Apparently, Liu hadn't called yet. As a result, tournament director Danny McDonagh gave him the choice of calling or folding. He tanked for a while, before finally calling -- with {k-}{2-}!

The crowd was stunned at how long it took him to think before finally calling with an inferior hand, but the end result was even more of a surprise. The flop was full of blanks but the turn brought a {2-}, giving Liu the improbable pair.

The river was a meaningless {q-} and Pichai hits the rail after being chip leader about four or five hands ago.

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