Main event

Jurg Keeps His Short Stack Alive

Jurg Niederberger

Jurg Niederberger lost a big chunk of his stack early on but has chipped up a bit after making a big move a couple of hands ago.

On a flop of {9-Clubs}{10-Spades}{3-Hearts}, Jurg, who was in middle position, led out for 500 and got two callers in Kitty Kuo and another player.

When the {7-Clubs} landed on the turn, Jurg waited a few seconds before sliding his remaining stack of 2,200 into the middle. Kitty tanked for a while, counting out the chips required to call, before finally deciding to just lay it down.

The other player tanked as well before finally folding, giving the pot to Jurg and putting him at about 4,000 or so in chips.

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