Main event

Aces Everywhere


It's still pretty early into the day but there has been a lot of furious action thanks to the number of pocket aces that people are waking up with.

On one hand, it was a player named "Shen" knocking out an adversary after waking up with aces. Pre-flop, Shen made a raise and was re-raised by the other player. Shen then went all-in and the player snap-called only to see that his pocket kings were behind.

The flop of {j-Spades}{5-Clubs}{3-Spades} blanked out and the turn {a-Hearts} pretty much ended any chance for the player to survive.

A few hands later, it was a female player going all-in with {a-}{a-} against {q-}{q-}. The board ran out {5-}{8-}{10-}{10-}{a-} to give the lady a full house and knock out her opponent.

The crowd then shifted over to the neighboring table as there was another all-in moment, this time with {a-}{a-} against {a-}{k-}.

The board blanked out for both players and another one bites the dust courtesy of pocket rockets.