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Untimely Fold Gives Kevin Tapley New Life

Kevin Tapley

A crowd gathered around Raymond Wu's table as Kevin Tapley shoved his stack of about 19,200 in and Devan Tang responded by going all in with his big stack as well. Action went over to Raymond, who tanked for a while before finally folding.

Kevin: {7-}{7-}
Devan: {6-}{6-}

As soon as the cards turned up, everybody could see the dejected face of Raymond, who had apparently folded pocket queens!

The flop just rubbed salt into the wound as it came {10-}{q-}{10-}, which would have given him the full house on the flop.

The turn {a-} and river {k-} did not help either of the two players still involved in the hand, giving Kevin the big double-up to about 45,000.

"I thought you had ace-king," Raymond said to Kevin afterwards.

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