Main event

Victor Chen Eliminated in Ninth Place (HK $30,000)

Victor Chen

If this was a bounty tournament, Justin Chan would be in pretty good shape right about now.

Pre-flop, Victor Chen shoved all-in from the big blind and Justin Chan, who had limped from the hijack, made the call.

Victor: {6-Diamonds}{6-Spades}
Justin: {9-Spades}{7-Clubs}

Victor was ahead pre-flop with the pocket pair but the hand took a complete 180 when the flop came {2-Clubs}{7-Diamonds}{9-Hearts} to give Justin top two-pair.

Victor would need a six or runner-runner straight to survive but the turn and river did not provide either, busting him out in ninth place for HK $30,000 in prize money.

Justin is now at almost two million in chips after knocking out yet another player from the tournament

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