Main event

David Pan Eliminated in Sixth Place (HK $57,680)

David Pan

After Tom Chou had limped in, David Pan went all-in for his last 129,000 and Justin Chan made the call from the big blind. Tom made the call and we were off to see the flop:

Flop: {a-Hearts}{q-Hearts}{q-Spades}

When the flop landed, Justin fired out 250,000 and Tom laid his hand down.

Justin: {q-}{10-}
David: {a-}{9-}

It wasn't looking good for David as Justin had hit trips on the flop. He would need some help to survive but the turn {6-Hearts} and river {4-Hearts} did not do anything to improve his hand.

We are now down to five players after David's elimination in sixth.

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