Red Dragon HK $2,000,000 Guaranteed

Robert Kuipers Doubles Up

Robert Kuipers

After two limpers over on Table 15, the player in Seat 1 made a raise to 700. Wei En-Shih decided that the amount was too small and announced a raise to 3,700.

The big raise wasn't enough to scare Robert Kuipers, though, and he moved all-in for his remaining stack. Everybody else got out of the way except Wei-en, who made the call.

Robert: {j-}{j-}
Wei-en: {a-}{k-}

Robert was ahead with his pocket jacks and it stayed that way as the board ran out {6-}{q-}{7-}{2-}{2-} to give Robert the big double-up.

He is now at more than 26,000 while Wei-en's stack is down to about 7,000.

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