2010 NAPT High Roller Bounty Shootout

Get the Coffee Ready

"Wake me up when it's my turn."
The crowd has dwindled down to about 25-30 people now in the Bellini Ballroom. A handful of them are actually sleeping in their chairs, but the majority of them seemed into the action despite the slow play and lack of exciting hands. Among those sleeping in his chair is Ashton Griffin who is actually playing at the final table.

Earlier, Griffin was caught sleeping on a row of chairs on the break. He was up all night playing online poker and opted to skip out on sleep. It looks like it finally is catching up with him as you can see from the picture.

Outside of that, Joe Cassidy has the largest group of railbirds in the room. There's about 15 people seated together all cheering for Cassidy in every pot he plays. Even if he just calls a bet on the flop, the crowd gives a little cheer. Some of the same group of also cheering for Griffin as well.

With the way things look right now, everyone involved is in for a very, very late night.