Main Event
Main Event
Day 2 completed

Day 2 Is Done!


After a long sixteen hours here at the Metro Card Club, we are finally finished with Day 2!

Almost 300 players started the day but when it was all said and done, only 14 remain to play tomorrow.

After taking out Lester Edoc, who dominated most of the day as the chip leader, Ronald Dimaano is now sitting pretty as the undisputed chip king with almost four million in chips.

Here are the final fourteen and their chip counts:

Francis Beliran (520,000)
Vic Catalan (1,341,000)
Regi Gonzales (983,000)
Ramil Tandoc (801,000)
Oliver Buquiran (247,000)
Ronald Dimaano (3,878,000)
Jay Morales (581,000)
Derrick Hernandez (1,114,000)
Theresa Datu (1,012,000)
Alex Corpuz (425,000)
Percy Shy (716,000)
Johnson Tan (1,061,000)
Jun Dalaygon (347,000)
Michael Boling (672,000)

Action starts at 3:00 pm. See you all tomorrow!

Rina Garcia Eliminated in 17th Place (Php 50,000)

Rina Garcia
Rina Garcia

There is only one lady left in the tournament after Rina Garcia's exit at the hands of Percy Shy.

Pre-flop, Rina shoved her last 224,000 chips in and was called by Percy Shy.

Rina: {a-Hearts}{7-Hearts}
Percy: {k-Clubs}{10-Clubs}

Rina was ahead with ace-high but the flop of {4-Diamonds}{10-Diamonds}{3-Clubs} left her needing help.

The turn and river did not change anything and Rina exits with Php 50,000 in winnings.

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Lester Dethroned by Ronald Dimaano

Lester Edoc
Lester Edoc

After being the dominant player throughout the day, Lester Edoc has been eliminated by Ronald Dimaano.

A few hands back, Ronald had damaged Lester's stack and took the chip lead. On this hand, Ronald came back to finish the job.

After a flop of {7-}{3-}{4-}, Lester moved all in and Ronald instantly made the call.

Lester: {6-}{6-}
Ronald: {7-}{7-}

The monster pot was moved towards Ronald after the turn {10-} and river {3-}.

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Never Say Never

Oliver Buquiran
Oliver Buquiran

Pre-flop, Michael Boling made it 50,000 and Oliver Buquiran declared he was all-in for his remaining 67,000. Jun Dalaygon made the call and so did Michael.

Flop: {9-Spades}{3-Diamonds}{6-Spades}

After Michael checked on the flop, Jun declared all-in and Michael hesitated before folding his hand.

Jun then flipped over pocket kings, which were way ahead of Oliver's pocket sevens.

With Oliver looking dismayed and ready to go home, Rina Garcia reminded him that he still had a gutshot and several outs.

The turn on the {5-Spades} kept him on that path and a miracle {7-Spades} landed on the river to give him the set and a big triple up.

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