Main Event

Pocket Rockets Give Jester The Big Double

Jester Intia

Jester Intia's stack had been dipping in the last level or so, but he got exactly what he needed on a recent hand.

Pre-flop, a player in middle position raised to 3,000 and the cut-off made the call. Jester, who was in the big-blind, decided to make it more and re-raised to 10,000.

The initial raiser got out of the way but the cut-off shoved all-in and Jester made the call with his remaining 20,000.

Jester tabled {a-}{a-} while his opponent could only show a dominated {a-}{k-}. The board bricked out for both, giving Jester the big double-up with Level 9 almost about to end.

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