Main Event

Aces Again for Jester Intia

Jester Intia

Jester Intia is now up to about 85,000 after picking up aces right before the break.

Pre-flop, Jester raised from the button after another player had limped in. The big blind made the call while the first limper decided to make the fold.

Flop: {a-}{4-}{4-}

Both players checked and they saw a turn of {2-Diamonds}. Jester bet out 5,000 and his opponent again made the call.

When the {3-Diamonds} landed on the river, Jester fired out 8,000 and the opponent decided to flat call again.

It wasn't even close as Jester showed his aces for the full house. His opponent could only muck his hand and head for the break.

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