Main Event

We've Detected a Pulse!

Vic Catalan

Finally, signs of life from the two final table players.

On a flop of {6-Diamonds}{a-Hearts}{7-Hearts}, Johnny Tan bet 200,000 and was re-raised to 500,000 by Vic Catalan.

It got more interesting on the {8-Spades}, Vic bet out 1,000,000 in chips - the biggest we've seen between the two in a long time. Johnny asked for a count of Vic's remaining chips but eventually settled on a call.

When the {5-Diamonds} came on the river, the two players opted to check it down.

Vic: {6-}{6-}
Johnny: {a-}{3-}

Vic showed the flopped set of sixes to take down the big pot of more than 3.5 million.

His supporters are getting more vocal now as his chip lead over Johnny starts to widen.

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