Main Event

Congratulations to Johnson Tan, Champion of the FPT Php 5 Million Guaranteed!

Johnny Tan is the Champion!

After a grueling three days of poker, a great final table, and the longest, most head-scratching final two we've ever been a part of, Johnson "Johnny" Tan is the champion of the Filipino Poker Tour's Php 5 Million Guaranteed tournament!

Johnny bested a field of 658 players, including top players from the Philippines and other parts of the world. In the end, he managed to make the final table and built his stack until he found himself heads-up against Vic Catalan.

Thus started a final table that we'll all remember for years to come. It sure wasn't pretty, and some of it didn't even look like tournament poker, but in the end, Johnny emerged as the event's big winner.

For the win, he takes Php 2,000,000 and the title of FPT champion. Congratulations, Johnny! Now we can all finally go home!

See you all again next time, and hopefully not at this time of the day again!

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