Red Dragon (Main Event)

Event Info

Players 314
Players Left 1

Level Info

Level 22
Blinds 12,000 / 24,000
Ante 3,000
Red Dragon (Main Event)
Day 3 completed

James McCarty is the PokerStars MPC Red Dragon Champion!

James McCarty
James McCarty

After four consecutive all ins by the short-stacked Wai Cheng "Ginger" Keong: Ginger went pre-flop all in three times plus another all-in after the flop. James finally decided it was time to win or double up his opponent, so he called Ginger's shove.

McCarty: {9-Hearts}{Q-Diamonds}
Keong: {Q-Hearts}{2-Hearts}

Dominated, Ginger was talking all over the place of how he deserved to have the flush this time. The flop {8-Hearts}{4-Diamonds}{j-Clubs} however provided just a single heart.

The turn {3-Hearts} was what Ginger wanted and the crowd around the table cheered for the possibility of another heart for a runner-runner flush.

The river {3-Spades} did not cooperate and Day 3 has officially ended.

James McCarty, an American who is currently based in Japan, received HK$ 490,000 together with the trophy and title of Macau Poker Cup Red Dragon Champion.

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Fan Liu is Eliminated at 3rd Place (HK$ 454,000)


Fan Liu, with the shortest stack, moved all in before the flop and got called by the two other players: Wai Cheng "Ginger" Keong and James McCarty.

Flop: {q-}{3-}{5-}

"All in," declared James which got a call from Ginger so the hole cards were turned over.

Fan: {a-}{7-}
Ginger: {k-}{j-}
James: {a-}{a-}

The turn {7-} and river {j-} meant Fan finished in third place and left Ginger with roughly 400,000 in chips.

Chip Count Update


Here's a look at the chip counts of the three remaining players...

Fan Liu
Fan Liu
1,166,000 616,000
James McCarty
James McCarty
1,009,000 -191,000
Wai Cheng Keong
Wai Cheng Keong
881,000 -519,000

For the Title


The three remaining players have agreed to award the champion HK$ 45,000 in addition to the title and split the rest of the remaining pot three ways.

Play continues for the title of Macau Poker Cup Red Dragon Champion...

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Fan Liu Rakes Pot in Consecutive Hands: Table Talking Chop

Fan Liu
Fan Liu

Fan Liu kept on raising and re-raising in consecutive hands to rake in a considerable amount of chips. The last one was when James McCarty bet 30,000 after the flop to be re-raised by Fan Liu who had the shortest stack at that point.

Flop: {9-Hearts}{10-Clubs}{j-Hearts}

McCarty called Liu's bet of 90,000.

Turn: {6-Diamonds}

McCarty checked and Liu led out with a 100,000 bet. McCarty stayed in this hand and called.

River: {7-Hearts}

After McCarty checked, Liu fired another 100,000. James would spend a lot of time in the tank before he finally got his yellow chips and called the hundred grand.

Liu excitedly flipped his hand and showed the ladies as James mucked his hand. At this point, the chip count among the three have almost evened out.

But just seconds after this hand, the players started talking about a chop. Meaning the players can agree to split the prize pool among the top three places. We'll update you in a bit as the tournament director explains the situation to them.

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Slow Down


It seems that play has slowed down in the tournament as players have been folding to raises in the past few hands.

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