Red Dragon (Main Event)

James McCarty is the PokerStars MPC Red Dragon Champion!

James McCarty

After four consecutive all ins by the short-stacked Wai Cheng "Ginger" Keong: Ginger went pre-flop all in three times plus another all-in after the flop. James finally decided it was time to win or double up his opponent, so he called Ginger's shove.

McCarty: {9-Hearts}{Q-Diamonds}
Keong: {Q-Hearts}{2-Hearts}

Dominated, Ginger was talking all over the place of how he deserved to have the flush this time. The flop {8-Hearts}{4-Diamonds}{j-Clubs} however provided just a single heart.

The turn {3-Hearts} was what Ginger wanted and the crowd around the table cheered for the possibility of another heart for a runner-runner flush.

The river {3-Spades} did not cooperate and Day 3 has officially ended.

James McCarty, an American who is currently based in Japan, received HK$ 490,000 together with the trophy and title of Macau Poker Cup Red Dragon Champion.

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