$5,000 Ante Up For Africa Poker Tournament

Opening Remarks


Jack Effel gave the opening remarks, talking about all of the world's problems that are bigger than the little world of poker. He specifically mentioned wars, terrorism, hurricanes and the Gulf oil spill. Then he said, in light of all of these problems, "It's a fair question to ask do we still need Ante Up for Africa? I have five words to answer that question. Yes, now more than ever."

He then passed the microphone to co-hosts Don Cheadle and Annie Duke. Cheadle thanked everyone for being here. Duke reminded the players that, due to Nevada law, the WSOP cannot withhold any of the prize pool for charity -- it's up to the winning players to make donations out of what they win. She asked for their generosity when it comes time to collect payouts at the cage.

This year, bracelets have been donated for the 1st-place and 2nd-place winner thanks to the generosity of Howard Lederer and his wife Suzie.