Event #12: $1,500 Limit Hold’em

Matt Matros Wins Event #12: $1,500 Limit Hold'em ($189,870)!

Matthew Matros

As a famous pork-based cartoon character once said, "That's all, folks," but what an epic battle it was, the day exploding out of the blocks before transforming into what was undoubtedly a real slug. But ultimately, this merely added to the prestige of victory and made Matt Matros' triumph that much more satisfying.

Having burst onto our scenes in 2004 when he finalled the WPT Championship, Matros has been a prominent figure in poker for the last several years (despite his deceptively youthful looks), yet never quite emulated the live success that he enjoyed amid the poker boom. But today, he finally achieved his goal of joining an elite group of players, and when that final card hit, you could tell how important victory was to him. He was one more heart-tug away from tears. Whatever critics say, bracelets will always be a measure of how successful a player is, and Matros was elated to have gotten off the mark.

Whilst Matros took home the wrist jewelry and the small matter of $189,870, a shout out must also be given to the plucky never-say-die attitude of runner up Ahmad Abghari, as well as third placed Terrence Chan who went one step further to justifying his moniker as 'king of limit'.

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