Event #13: $1,000 No-Limit Hold’em

Official Day 1A Chip Counts (full)

Andy Black ie 90,275
Pedro Reis 78,550
Marcello Delgrosso 68,300
Steven Mcloughlin us 56,600
Shaun Hartlin 55,750
Jeremy Maher us 55,700
Andrew Youngblood 54,300
Diogo Borges 54,200
Michael Leibgorin 54,050
Dylan Linde us 53,200
Felipe Quijano us 49,900
Vagan Sudzhyan 48,875
Jose Quintas pt 47,150
Jean Hamel 47,100
Joseph Cappuccio us 46,875
Michael Atkinson 46,125
Clark Hamagami ca 45,650
Marios Savvides us 45,575
Philip Collins 44,375
Phil Gordon us 44,225
Joseph Tan-Torres 44,225
Mikail Tulchinskiy ru 43,175
Chang Luo cn 42,925
Navarro Jorge 42,775
Jacob Bazeley us 41,875

Some Chip Counts From the End of Day 1A

Andy Black 92,000 48,000
Marcello Delgrosso 68,300 17,300
Andrew Youngblood 54,300 -700
Dylan Linde 53,200 50,200
Mike Atkinson 46,000 43,000
Clark Hamagami 45,650 23,650
Phil Collins 44,375 13,375
Phil Gordon 44,225 12,225
Lisa Parsons 40,000
Vitaly Lunkin 32,825 11,825
Kevin O'Donnell 31,125 28,125
William Reynolds 28,500 12,000
Paul Wasicka 27,725 15,725
Shaun Deeb 26,850 850
Adam Katz 26,625 15,125
Don Knavel 24,775 21,775
Perry Friedman 24,500 7,500
Victor Ramdin 23,300 14,300
William Chen 22,075 14,075
David Levi 21,575 8,275
Stevie Chidwick 20,500 5,500
Josh Norris 19,825 16,825
David Reimann 18,225 15,225
Nick Mitchell 13,800 2,300
John Cernuto 12,575 -1,175

Day 1a Ends

"Finish the hand you're on, you all are done for the night." The magic words were just uttered and bags were passed out as well as seat redraws. We didn't play a full 10 levels, as play was stopped with 278 players remaining.

The field was smaller than expected for the first day one flight of Event #13, the second $1,000 no-limit hold'em event of the 2010 World Series of Poker thus far. Just 1,922 players entered the day with the hopes of bagging chips at the end of the night and making it to Day 2.

Justin Bonomo, Katja Thater, Gavin Smith, Joe Sebok, JP Kelly, James Akenhead, Eli Elezra, Chris Ferguson, Tom McEvoy, Gavin Griffin, and Kara Scott were among the bracelet hopefuls that would not be back on Monday.

Players bagging and tagging their chips tonight include, Shaun Deeb, Phil Gordon, Phil "USCPhildo" Collins, Paul Wasicka, Vitaly Lunkin, Bill Chen, and "Miami" John Cernuto. It appears that Andy Black is our overnight chip leader with 92,000.

Tomorrow at noon local time, another round of hopefuls will make their way into the Pavilion Room here at the Rio with the same dream as the 1,922 that entered today. The remaining players from tomorrow night will meet the remaining players from tonight on Monday at 2:30 local time.

Be sure to follow along at PokerNews for every flop, turn, and river as we bring you all the action live from the tournament floor.

Tournament Stopped


The tournament has been stopped for the night since we've reached 15% of the field. Players are currently counting and bagging their chips and will receive a new seating assignment for their return on Monday.

Back from the Break


The players are back in their seats and action is underway. The tournament staff has announced that they will stop the tournament when only 15% of the field remains or after 10 levels, whatever may come first.

Kellstrom vs Lunkin


Dana Kellstrom raised preflop to 1,600 and was called by Vitaly Lunkin. The flop came {9-}{J-}{4-} and Kellstrom continuation bet 1,500. Lunkin, who won a bracelet in the $40,000 No-Limit Hold'em Event last year, made the call.

The turn was a {4-} and Kellstrom decided to slow down by checking. Lunkin took the initiative and bet 1,600. Kellstrom made the call and bet 3,000 when a {K-} hit the river.

Lunkin mucked and the win put Kellstrom up to 26,000. After the hand, Kellstrom said that he had {Q-}{10-} and rivered a straight.

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Chidwick Chips Up

Victor Ramdin raised to 1,050 on the button and found a caller in Steven Chidwick from the big blind.

The flop came down {10-Hearts}{9-Clubs}{2-Diamonds} and both players checked.

The {2-Hearts} fell on the turn and Chidwick checked. Ramdin bet 1,500 and Chidwick raised it to 3,800. Ramdin folded and is sitting on 7,500, while Chidwick has 10,500.

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