Event #24: $1,000 No-Limit Hold’em

Break Time

Players are now on a twenty-minute break.

Maria Ho Wins Some, Loses More

Maria Ho has been very active at her table.

In the first of two hands we just caught, she raised to 150 from the cutoff. She was called only by the big blind and the two saw a flop of {6-Spades}{7-Hearts}{4-Clubs}. Both players checked to the turn.

The turn came {q-Hearts} and Ho led out with a bet of 150, getting a call from her opponent. When the big blind bet 650 after the {7-Spades} came on the river, Ho looked perplexed and thought for a while before making the call. She mucked when she saw her opponent's {k-Spades}{k-Clubs}.

On the very next hand she won a few of those chips back, raising to 150 from the hijack, getting a call from the big blind. She fired 200 into a flop of {5-Clubs}{j-Spades}{8-Diamonds}, which was good enough to take it down.

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Pre Break Counts


More chips!

Mimi Tran 10,200 7,200
Michael Skomac 10,000 7,000
Corey Burbick 3,600 600
Faraz Jaka 3,500 500
Vitaly Lunkin 2,700 -300
Getty Mattingsley 2,200 -800

Daneshgar Doubles

David Daneshgar was down to just 825 chips when he moved all in preflop and got one taker.

Daneshgar: {a-Hearts}{k-Spades}
Opponent: {5-Diamonds}{5-Spades}

It was a classic race, and Daneshgar pulled ahead when the flop came {k-Hearts}{j-Spades}{6-Spades}. His opponent got no love from the {j-Hearts} on the turn, nor the {8-Clubs} river.

Daneshgar now finds himself with 1,800 on chips and a new lease on his tournament life.

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Aces Cracked

Anyone who has put in any time at all at the poker table knows that aces don't always hold. It was a painful reminder for a player at table 19 who called an all in on a flop of {8-Hearts}{10-Hearts}{7-Diamonds} and triumphantly turned over his {A-}{A-}, putting himself way ahead of his opponent's {k-}{10-}. But his tournament day came to an end when the {10-Diamonds} came on the turn followed by the {4-Spades}. And they say it's an easy game...

Early Counts


It's never, EVER, too early for chip counts:

Craig Marquis 9,600 100
Mike Leah 4,500 1,500
Michael Glasser 4,400 1,400
Matt Graham 3,400
Shawn Buchanan 3,400
Shane Schleger 3,200 200
Martin Kabrhel 3,200 200
John Paul Kelly 3,100 100
Maria Ho 3,100 100
Tracey Nguyen 2,900
Owen Crowe 2,700 -300
Justin Bonomo 2,600 -400
Ryan Daut 2,400 -600
Humberto Brenes 2,300 -700
Carter Phillips 1,500 -1,500
David Baker Busted
Ted Forrest Busted

Quick Days


There is very little room for error in both the $1,000 and $1,500 events so it isn't a surprise when people bust quickly. Neil Channing and Josh Arieh can be added to the list of quick exits today and we're sure more will file in.

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The Barron Struck Down

Craig Marquis has amassed a big stack early on and is sitting with over 9,000 chips. In a recent hand he flat-called a raise from Earl Barron.

The flop came down {k-}{j-}{4-} and both players opted to check. However when a {10-} came on the turn, all the money went into the middle.

Marquis: {a-}{q-}
Barron: {k-}{k-}

The river bricked, leaving Marquis' straight as the best hand. Barron, meanwhile, was off to an early lunch.

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The Controversy!

The controversy that erupted when a number of men signed up for the Ladies' Event still hasn't died. The World Series of Poker organizers haven't let on with what, if any, punishment they have in store for entrants who carried a Y chromosome into the event with them.

The players at Table 43 are currently conducting a survey of the females at the table, asking whether they feel there should be any punishment for the men who played the event, and if so, what it should be.