Event #28: $2,500 Pot-Limit Omaha

Congratulations to Miguel Proulx, Event #28 Champion ($315,311)

Miguel Proulx

The $2,500 Pot Limit Omaha event has come to an end with Miguel Proulx outlasting a field of 596 to take down his first gold bracelet. The day started with twelve players on the march to a winner. Matthew Reed, Joe Serock and Dilyan Kovachev were all eliminated leading up to the final table.

Once there, action seemed to slow as players felt one another out and took a patient approach; in fact, only one player was eliminated early on, Patrick Hanoteau. Things changed after the players returned from their dinner break in a big way. Action picked up and the eliminations began to mount. Tommy Le was the next to fall, followed by Trevor Pope.

It was at this point that Miguel Proulx seemed to switch gears and become much more aggressive. The very next hand after eliminating Pope, he knocked out Karl Gal. Michael Greco then eliminated Joerg Engels and Proulx countered by sending Stephane Tayar home.

Once it was three handed, it was anyone's game. L.J. Klein doubled to 1.5 million through Proulx, which essentially evened the two, with Greco close behind at 850,000. After changing chips back and forth, Greco was eliminated, setting up a heads-up battle between Klein, who was the chipleader at the end of Day 1, and Proulx, who was the chip leader coming into the final day.

The heads-up battle was a contest of wills, characterized by patient play and well thought out aggression. Proulx was at a chip disadvantage but managed to double up and bring the stacks within 100,000 of each other. In the end, Proulx dispatched Klein with the nut flush to claim his first gold bracelet and the $315,311 first place prize.

Congratulations to Miguel Proulx, Event #28 Champion!

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