Event #3: $1,000 No-Limit Hold'em

Official Day 1a Chip Counts (full)

Serge Ekert FR 119,300
Jean Marie Morvan FR 103,000
[Removed:163] US 96,100
Clement Franck FR 95,000
Alain Gaudy FR 93,200
Yuval Bronshtein il 90,000
Dan Shak us 78,900
Jamie Pickering au 78,400
Roland Israelashvili us 75,500
Brandon Adams us 74,400
Ludovic Lacay fr 68,500
Noah Schwartz us 67,700
Jeff Lisandro au 65,900
Jussi Nevanlinna fi 65,600
Chance Kornuth us 61,400
Jan-Peter Jachtmann de 61,400
Vanessa Selbst us 60,000
Rifat Palevic se 58,700
Michel Abecassis fr 58,300
Jani Sointula fi 55,900
Andy Frankenberger us 55,800
Greg Merson us 55,800
Michael Mizrachi us 55,700
David Benyamine fr 55,100
Konstantin Puchkov ru 55,000

Day 1a Concludes


“Players, please leave your chips on the table. Do not take your chips home with you!”

Such was the instruction Tournament Director Steve Frezer half-jokingly delivered as players bagged their chips at the end of play today. Indeed, after a long day of taking such care of those chips, one could perhaps understand if a player were to allow the protective instinct to continue beyond the end of play.

We’ve arrived at the end of the first of two Day Ones for Event No. 3, the first of the $1,000 buy-in no-limit hold’em events at this year’s Series. A huge field of 2,601 turned out today, and after ten one-hour levels, we saw a few stacks starting to flirt with the 100,000-chip range.

Those bagging the most chips at the end of play today included Drew Crawford, Nancy Todd Tyner, Brent Roberts, Jerrymee Jose, Dan Lu, and Blake Cahail. They’ll be joining approximately 280 others who survived today’s Day 1a -- as well as those who make it through tomorrow’s Day 1b -- at 2:30pm on Monday afternoon for Day 2.

Players continue to register for tomorrow’s Day 1b, and tourney officials have indicated they can accommodate as many as 3,700 more runners on Sunday. Most are anticipating a total field of 6,000 or thereabouts, meaning we’re probably looking at a first prize somewhere in the $750,000 range -- not a bad return on a $1,000 investment!

Come back here to PokerNews tomorrow at noon Vegas time to see how many do eventually come out and how they fare.

Meehan Has No Explanation

We arrived just in time to see Jim Meehan double up; the cards looked like so:

Board: {2-}{3-}{8-}{5-}{a-}

Meehan's opponent: {5-}{8-} for two pair
Meehan: {2-}{4-} for a straight

"I'm sorry," Meehan told his opponent, "I have no explanation for being a moron."

Meehan, one of hands busy playing with the cigarette we bet he's going to smoke within seconds of this finishing, just haphazardly gathered his new chips into what we in the business call a "dirty stack" so it's hard to say for certain, but his new stack seemed to be in the 30,000 ballpark.

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Show and (No) Tell


With the board showing {J-Hearts} {Q-Hearts} {5-Spades} {k-Diamonds}, Sangni Zhao checked, "Amarillo Slim" Preston bet 3,500, and Zhao called. The river brought the {2-Hearts}. Zhao checked again, Preston bet 4,000, then Zhao pushed all in for 26,000.

Preston thought a moment, then folded, showing the {4-Spades} as he did. Zhao decided to turn over one of his cards as well as he dragged the pot, also (presumably) choosing the most ambiguous one to show -- the {8-Clubs}.

"I'd bet anything he had the best hand," said the long-time gambler. Preston now has about 39,000 as we near the end of play on Day 1a.

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Last Four Hands

The clock has been stopped, and a mere four hands of Day 1a remain. Fewer than 300 players of the 2,601 who started today will be returning for Day 2 on Monday.

Big Stack Watch Again

What a difference about 10 minutes make, as the song goes.

Nancy Todd Tyner - 93,000
Brent Roberts - 88,000
Jerrymee Jose - 85,500
Dan Lu - 85,000
Blake Cahail - 80,000
Cyriel "supa4real" Dohmen - 75,000
Dan Jensen - 74,000
Tommy Vedes - 68,000

Easy Game


Jason Wheeler raised to 2,200 from middle position, and it folded around to Kevin Boudreau in the small blind who reraised to 5,800. The BB folded, and Wheeler shoved all in. Boudreau made the call, showing {6-Diamonds}{6-Spades} to Wheeler's {A-Diamonds}{K-Diamonds}.

Boom came the flop -- {6-Clubs}{6-Hearts}{4-Hearts}. Quads. And that was that.

Boudreau is up to 46,000, while Wheeler slides to 14,500.

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Team PokerStars Pro Watch

Both of the Team PokerStars Pros that were in a little while ago are still in the field, but neither of them seem to be having a very good time.

Marcello del Grosso has just 8,000 chips - that's 10 big blinds to you and me - and his options are therefore somewhat limited. Vanessa Rousso has a little more room to maneuver on 18,000, but that's still rather less than she had before and not a big stack by any means.

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Not This Hand, Thinks Meehan


A player under the gun opened for 1,800, and "Minnesota" Jim Meehan called behind. It folded around and the big blind came along for the ride.

The flop came {5-Diamonds}{K-Hearts}{4-Diamonds}. It checked to the preflop raiser who continued for 3,700, Meehan called, and the BB got out. The turn was the {2-Clubs}. This time the raiser moved all in, and Meehan -- with about 14,000 left (and covered) -- took some time to think about it.

He took off his hat, counted his chips, and continued to ponder. "Sorry for the delay folks," he said. "It's nothing to you but it's my whole tournament."

Finally Meehan decided to preserve his whole tournament for at least a little while longer and folded.

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