Event #36: $1,000 No-Limit Hold’em

So Long Day 1a

With only 298 players remaining of our initial 1,987 it is time to pack it in and call it a night. It took just eight and a half levels of play for us to lose 85% of our field today. That means tomorrow's field, however large it may be, will play to about the same time before both days merge on Monday.

Even with a large number of big tournament going on, today's event managed to draw an impressive list of names. Sorel Mizzi, Jason Mercier, Hevad Khan, Dennis Phillips, Theo Tran, Shaun Deeb, Eric Baldwin, Tom Dwan, David "Bakes" Baker, David Pham, Paul Wasicka, Humberto Brenes, Chris Ferguson and more all took a shot at the bracelet, but failed to make it out of Day 1 alive.

Despite the large number of players who didn't make it, we'll still have some well-known players joining us for Day 2. Scott Montgomery looks to be our chipleader with 75,700 but Neil Channing (64,500), David Sands (52,000), Liv Boeree (24,275) and Marco Traniello (20,500) will all be back to try to make a final table.