Event #39: $1,500 No-Limit Hold'em Shootout

Double-Up or Go Home Early


Over on Table 366 we just saw a big all-in situation between Leonard Cortelino and Adam Kornuth. Cortelino had opened for 4,250 from the button, and Kornuth responded with a reraise to 10,700 from the small blind. The BB folded, then Cortelino made it 29,750, and Kornuth called.

The flop came {10-Spades}{10-Clubs}{9-Hearts}, and Kornuth promptly shoved all in. Cortelino made the call, showing {A-Clubs}{Q-Clubs} to Kornuth's {A-Spades}{8-Spades}.

The turn and river came {6-Hearts}{6-Clubs}, meaning the hand ended in a chop.

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It's never too early to call the clock, just ask John Kim.

The board lay {10-Spades}{9-Clubs}{k-Clubs}{a-Clubs}{6-Hearts} when we reached Table 362 and Kim had bet out 3,500 into a pot of about 4,000.

His opponent, Desmond Portano, went very deep into the tank and didn't act for over two minutes. Kim decided to call the clock, and as soon as a floorperson came to the table Portano opted to release his hand.

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To Be Precise


With three players having been voided, the total number official entries for this event ended up being 1,397. The total prize pool is $1,885,950, and here is how the payouts will go:

1st -- $381,922
2nd -- $236,819
3rd -- $161,117
4th -- $112,214
5th -- $78,361
6th -- $56,446
7th -- $40,887
8th -- $30,119
9th -- $22,575
10th -- $17,294
11th -- $13,654
12th -- $10,844
13th -- $8,638
14th -- $6,940
15th-140th -- $5,620

Shoot 'Em Up!


The first hands at our 14 ten-handed tables are being dealt!

There were a couple of announcements just prior to the start. One was that three players were voided from the tourney on Day 1, meaning the originally announced payouts are slightly different than what was reported yesterday. For example, first prize will be $381,922 (not $382,725, as earlier reported).

Also, now that we're in the money, no iPods or other such electronic devices are to be used from this point forward.

Bang! Bang! Day 2 of Shootout Awaits

Annette Obrestad is among the 140 players still shooting for the Event No. 39 bracelet
Annette Obrestad is among the 140 players still shooting for the Event No. 39 bracelet

Welcome to Day 2 of Event No. 39, the $1,500 No-Limit Hold'em Shootout. Yesterday saw 1,400 players spread out across 140 ten-handed tables, with the winners of each returning for today's second round.

Same story today, with 14 ten-handed tables. And once again, it is win your table or go home.

Among those back for more are J.C. Tran, Isabelle Mercier, Chau Giang, Terrence Chan, Paul Magriel, Robert Mizrachi, Victor Ramdin, Tony Dunst, Bryan Devonshire, David Miscikowski, and Annette Obrestad.

Everyone who made it back has assured himself or herself a $5,632 payday, but to improve on that will require winning another table today. The 14 winners today will return tomorrow for a 14-person, two-table "sit-n-go" to determine who will win the next WSOP bracelet.

Cards are scheduled to go into the air at 2:30 p.m. local time. See you back here then!

Day 2 Tables

Table 361
Seat 1: Joseph Ward
Seat 2: Kyle Brossia
Seat 3: J.C. Tran
Seat 4: Ryan Davis
Seat 5: Peter Turmezey
Seat 6: Darius Campo
Seat 7: Yasuhiro Waki
Seat 8: Paul Foltyn
Seat 9: Alexander Millar
Seat 10: Tim Kahlmeyer

Table 362
Seat 1: Tristan Wade
Seat 2: John Kim
Seat 3: Peter Costa
Seat 4: Desmond Portano
Seat 5: Isabelle Mercier
Seat 6: Adam Levy
Seat 7: Reagan Leman
Seat 8: Kevin Ho
Seat 9: Chau Giang
Seat 10: Anthony Utnage

Table 363
Seat 1: Michael Noda
Seat 2: Andrew Shack
Seat 3: Erik Fladseth
Seat 4: Felipe Montenegro
Seat 5: Dustin Dirksen
Seat 6: Thomas Taylor
Seat 7: Jeffrey Rothstein
Seat 8: Sam El
Seat 9: Jesse Martin
Seat 10: Terrence Chan

Table 364
Seat 1: Thomas Middleton
Seat 2: Michael Binger
Seat 3: Thomas Koral
Seat 4: Shaun Hartlin
Seat 5: Paul Magriel
Seat 6: Steve Hohn
Seat 7: Jeremiah Vinsant
Seat 8: Gioi Luong
Seat 9: Brett Shaffer
Seat 10: Sean Grover

Table 366
Seat 1: Michael Pesek
Seat 2: Leonard Cortelino
Seat 3: Adam Kornuth
Seat 4: Thomas Belleuvre
Seat 5: Gregory Lindberg
Seat 6: John Strzemp
Seat 7: Robert Mizrachi
Seat 8: Mclean Karr
Seat 8: Matthew Kay
Seat 9: Steven Fung
Seat 10: Derrick Yamada

Table 367
Seat 1: Jack Taylor
Seat 2: Patrick Hanoteau
Seat 3: Steven Kelly
Seat 4: Yann Dion
Seat 5: Annand Ramdin
Seat 6: Gregory Grivas
Seat 7: Ryan Julius
Seat 8: Adrien Allain
Seat 9: Barry Hutter
Seat 10: Bryan Porter

Table 368
Seat 1: Jason Koon
Seat 2: Stephen Sallot
Seat 3: Stewart Gillespie
Seat 4: Michael Skomac
Seat 5: Johanssy Joseph
Seat 6: Kristian Lunardi
Seat 7: Michael Cooper
Seat 8: William McBride
Seat 9: Emil Gunnarsson
Seat 10: Richard Hawes

Table 369
Seat 1: Christopher Mcclung
Seat 2: Jeffrey King
Seat 3: Dan Kelly
Seat 4: Jameson Painter
Seat 5: Jeff Kimber
Seat 6: Benjamin Zamani
Seat 7: Rob Perelman
Seat 8: Yaman Nakdali
Seat 9: Chris Rentes
Seat 10: Tony Dunst

Table 370
Seat 1: Samuel Trickett
Seat 2: Mathew Frankland
Seat 3: Robert Thompson
Seat 4: Andras Kovacs
Seat 5: Maxim Semisoshenko
Seat 6: Eric Lucas
Seat 7: Cory Carroll
Seat 8: Benjamin Palmer
Seat 9: Johnny Kitchens
Seat 10: Blake Slade

Table 371
Seat 1: Richard Phillips
Seat 2: Steven Burkholder
Seat 3: Feming Chan
Seat 4: Edric Lim
Seat 5: Paul Varano
Seat 6: John Graves
Seat 7: Adam Schoenfeld
Seat 8: Christophe Lebreton
Seat 9: Roger Teska
Seat 10: Dong Suh

Table 373
Seat 1: Scott Baumstein
Seat 2: Randy Holland
Seat 3: Harry Pozefsky
Seat 4: Peter Nguyen
Seat 5: Scott Sitron
Seat 6: Annette Obrestad
Seat 7: Fatima Moreira
Seat 8: Adam Croffut
Seat 9: Matthew Jensen
Seat 10: Mike Beasley

Table 374
Seat 1: Tommaso Briotti
Seat 2: William Miner
Seat 4: G Vanstrydonck
Seat 5: Derric Haynie
Seat 6: David Miscikowski
Seat 7: Joseph Morneau
Seat 8: Berry Wheeler
Seat 10: Hungcheng Hung
Seat 3 or 9: Manuel Darsigny

Table 375
Seat 1: Philip Jacobsen
Seat 2: Nicholas Verkaik
Seat 3: Michael Adamo
Seat 4: Christophe Benzimba
Seat 5: Justin Scott
Seat 6: Adolfo Castillo
Seat 7: Bryan Devonshire
Seat 8: Vincent Dulac
Seat 9: Grayson Ramage
Seat 10: Mikhail Shalamov

Table 376
Seat 1: Matthew Schulte
Seat 2: Mihai Manole
Seat 3: Samer Khuri
Seat 4: David Barter
Seat 5: Nathan Schoo
Seat 6: Richard Toth
Seat 7: Ylon Schwartz
Seat 8: Jeffrey Sarwer
Seat 9: Heinz Kamutzki
Seat 10: Mark Schmid