Event #40: $2,500 Seven Card Razz

Rutter Has a Flutter

Stuart Rutter: (XXX) / {3-}{2-}{7-}{6-}
Opponent gentleman: (XXX) / {a-}{2-}{4-}{10-}

We found Stuart Rutter betting out on seventh street, a hefty pot already in the middle. His opponent, who didn't have many chips behind, thought about it for a moment or two, but ultimately folded.

Rutter, who has spent the entire day at the Table Of Death (current other residents - Jason Mercier, Bryan Micon, George Lind and Luis Velador), is now flying high on 29,000.

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No for Humberto

An awful lot of shouting and laughing alerted us to the fact that Humberto Brenes was in the process of busting out.

His first four cards were {2-}{3-}{4-}{5-} - but the poker gods were unkind and supplemented them with another {2-}, another {5-} and a {j-}. His opponent didn't have a particularly impressive hand, but managed to beat Brenes' jack low, and the Costa Rican and his plastic shark hit the rail.

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Some Updated Chip Counts

37,500 16,500
32,000 6,500
28,000 7,000
28,000 -6,000
26,000 13,500
25,000 3,500
24,000 -2,000
23,000 10,500
23,000 1,700
21,000 1,000
19,500 8,500
18,000 500
18,000 12,600
16,500 12,000
16,500 -1,500
14,500 2,000
14,500 10,000
14,000 -2,000
13,500 7,000
12,500 7,300
12,000 -1,000
12,000 7,000
12,000 -5,000
12,000 500

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Zolotow Bust

George Lind: {8-}{3-}{a-}{5-}{4-}{4-}{a-}
Steve Zolotow: {6-}{2-}{8-}{4-}{7-}{q-}{6-}

Steve Zolotow was all in on third street and all out by seventh.

"And a good time was had by all," he announced to the table as he headed for the door.

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Recently Busted

The following folks are no longer in evidence anywhere in this tournament.


Johnston Done


Berry Johnston: {4-}{8-}{10-} / {3-}{Q-}{K-}{J-}
Seat 6: {A-}{8-}(X)/ {6-}{6-}{7-}{2-}

Berry Johnston was all in for his last 1,100 on third street and was up against two opponents. Johnston caught only high cards on the remaining streets while his opponent in Seat 6 was able to make a 8-7-6-2-A low.

Johnston was eliminated from the tournament.

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Binger Exits Gracefully

"I actually don't feel too bad about this," said Michael Binger - we missed the action but there was a grand total of zero chips in front of him - "Because now I can go home, have a good night's sleep before the PLO."

Said erstwhile table neighbour Bryan Micon, "I'll win this one, you win the PLO."


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"I Had You Beat I Guess"


Daniel Negreanu completed the bet with {4-} showing. Only the player in Seat 1, who showed {5-}, called and the two went to fourth street.

Seat 1 checked his {3-} and Negreanu checked his {6-}. Seat 1 again checked after receiving a {q-} on fifth street so Negreanu bet after getting a {k-}. Seat 1 folded immediately.

"I had you beat I guess," Negreanu said. "I wasn't sure, I thought you might check-raise." Negreanu is up to around 10,000.

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Doft Grinds Mizrachi Down

Michael Mizrachi was all in by sixth street when we caught up with the action; betting continued between Mickey Doft and another player.

Come showdown, Doft turned over an 8-6 low that he'd made on sixth street. Mizrachi had been drawing to an 8-7 low that never came in, and he duly busted out. The third player mucked, and Doft took the whole pot, putting him back up to 16,000.

One out, one in, though - Mizrachi's former seat is now being occupied by David Chiu.

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Chip Counts

41,000 -11,400
34,000 -4,000
31,600 22,200
28,500 13,900
26,000 13,000
25,500 9,000
22,500 4,500
22,000 -2,500
21,500 14,000
21,300 1,300
21,000 8,800
21,000 1,000
20,000 9,500
20,000 11,000
19,000 3,000
18,000 3,000
17,500 1,500
17,000 9,500
17,000 12,900
16,000 10,000
16,000 8,000
15,000 5,000
14,500 6,900
14,000 1,000
13,000 6,500

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