Event #40: $2,500 Seven Card Razz

Doft vs. Mizrachi


Mickey Doft: (XXX) / {3-}{6-}{7-}{A-}
Michael Mizrachi: {A-}{2-}{5-} / {5-}{Q-}{6-}{10-}

With about 6,500 in the pot on sixth street, Mickey Doft looked at his last card and bet 800. Michael "The Grinder" Mizrachi looked frustrated as he glanced at Doft's cards, then back at his own. After a few moments, Mizrachi let out a sigh and folded, showing a 10-6-5-2-A low.

Doft was able to get the $50,000 Players Champions off his hand increased his stack to about 11,000 after the hand

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Mortensen Est Mort

Carlos Mortensen: [a]{2-}{3-}{5-}{k-}{2-}{3-}
Dee Tiller: {a-}{2-}{7-}{8-}{10-}{a-}{8-}

Carlos Mortensen had not long previous to this hand doubled through Dee Tiller, but Tiller got it all back again and in the process resigned Mortensen to the rail.

Carlos Mortensen got his last in on fifth street, and never got it back out again. By the end of the hand Tiller's ten low beat Mortensen's mere king low, and the former Main Event champion was sent hurtling toward the door.

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Chip Counts

20,500 -9,400
20,000 4,500
18,000 4,500
17,000 200
16,500 6,500
16,000 10,000
16,000 4,000
16,000 6,000
15,500 5,500
15,500 2,300
15,100 -900
15,000 4,000
15,000 5,500
14,600 300
14,000 6,000
14,000 -1,000
14,000 11,000
14,000 2,500
13,500 7,000
13,500 5,700
13,000 -500
13,000 6,000
12,500 2,000
12,200 200

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PokerStars Pros Battle It Out


PokerStars Team Pro Canada member, Darus Suharto, was facing off against fellow PokerStars Pro Katja Thater on fourth street.

Thater was showing {4-}{5-} and bet. Suharto didn't take long to fold his exposed {3-}{8-} and added, "I can't beat you."

"I know," replied Thater with a coy smile. She is up to 12,300 while Suharto sits with around 17,000.

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Eskimo Left Out in the Cold


"Eskimo" Clark: {4-}{8-}{A-} / {9-}{3-}{A-}{A-}
Seat 7: {8-}{5-}{10-} / {6-}{10-}{2-}{3-}
Rast: (XXX) / {8-}{8-}{6-}{6-}

Paul "Eskimo" Clark was all in for less than 400 and had two callers, including Brian Rast. In the end, the player in Seat 7 bet 600 and Rast folded. Seat 7 showed a 7-6-5-3-2 low and Clark flipped over his cards to reveal three aces. Seat 7 took down the pot and Clark made his exit from the tournament.

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Harman in the Lead

Jennifer Harman: (XXX) / {10-}{4-}{7-}{7-}
Jeff Madsen: (XXX) / {9-}{5-}{q-}{8-}

Jennifer Harman limped in on third street and called a raise from Jeff Madsen. They went heads up to fourth street. Madsen bet out on fourth and Harman made the call.

Harman was first to act on fifth and she bet out. Madsen called. Come sixth street Madsen was first to act once more and he bet out; Harman called.

They got to seventh street and this time Madsen checked. Harman bet, and it was enough to push Madsen off. He folded, and Harman picked up the pot without a showdown.

After that, Harman was up to a whopping 25,000.

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All Aboard the Chiu-Chiu Train


David Chiu: {4-}{6-}{K-} / {A-}{7-}{7-}{5-}
Seat 7: (XXX)/{2-}{9-}{6-}{8-}
Seat 8: (XXX)/{5-}{2-}{9-}{8-}

A three-way pot was developing between David Chiu and his opponents when there was about 4,000 in the middle after sixth street. When Chiu received his down card, he bet 600 and was called by the player in Seat 7. Seat 9 thought long and hard before mucking.

Chiu revealed a 7-6-5-4-A low and Seat 7 tossed his hand into the muck. With that win, Chiu has broken the 20,000 chip mark.

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Binger Binks

Michael Binger was in the process of winning a large pot with {a-}{4-}{5-}{6-}{7-}{q-}{k-} when we caught up with the action - those cards not in any particular order.

"I completed first to act with the queen," he was telling the next table most cheerfully as he bumped his stack up to 16,000. His opponent in the hand, who'd mucked, looked somewhat less cheerful than Binger.

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Assorted Chip Counts for Your Delectation

18,000 11,000
17,500 7,000
16,800 -1,700
15,000 7,000
13,500 3,500
12,000 700
10,600 7,600
10,000 2,500
10,000 2,000
9,500 1,500
9,000 2,000
8,000 1,000
8,000 -1,100
7,500 -1,000
6,000 -1,500
6,000 -3,000
4,000 -3,000
2,300 -700
1,300 -5,900
1,100 -4,200
600 -5,600

Minieri Stack Shrinks

Dario Minieri: (mucked) / {8-}{8-}{5-}{k-}
Mr. Opponent: {5-}{7-}{j-} / {10-}{a-}{4-}{8-}

Dario Minieri's opponent bet on sixth street, and despite ordering Minieri to, "Fold! One time!" Minieri made the call.

Minieri's opponent bet again on seventh street and, undeterred, Minieri called again - only to muck to his opponent's 8-7-5-4-A low.

"We can just trade," said Minieri's very cheerful opponent, "I like you."

Minieri just grinned as he took a smallish hit to 13,200.

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