Event #47: $1,000 No-Limit Hold’em

A Few Notable Chip Counts

Lars Bonding 30,000 4,000
Scott Montgomery 29,000
Steve Gross 25,000
André Akkari 15,000 -1,000
JJ Liu 14,200 6,200
Nick Maimone 7,000 -7,000
Al Krux 7,000
Mandy Baker 5,000 1,200
Vadim Markushevski 5,000 -13,000

Commandant Sarwer

Jeff Sarwe
Jeff Sarwe

Jeff Sarwer is leading table 24 since the first hands of this tournament. Sarwer is now up to 30,000 chips after bust another player.

Sarwer raised on the button and the player on the small blind, with about 6,000 chips on his stack, moved all in. Sarwer called with {k-}{q-} and his opponent had {q-}{9-}.

A board full of blanks gave the pot to Sarwer.

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Bust Outs Slowing . . . Just a Little


Level 7 is coming to an end and approxiamtely 400 players remain. If you break this down, it means we have lost an average of 3.23 players per minute throughout the tournament.

Compare this number to earlier averages and you can see that the rate of bust outs is slowly declining, which isn't a surprise considering the stacks are getting a little deeper.

What Does Antonio Esfandiari Think?


The players over at Table 39 seem to be enjoying themselves and having a good time. That is mainly due to one man, Antonio Esfandiari. As per his usual, Esfandiari has gotten the table to engage in a friendly game of "What Johnny Lodden Thinks."

At this point in time, Esfandiari is playing the role of Lodden and threw out the following question: "How long do I think Garrett (a new dealer who had just sat down with a flowing mane of silver hair) spent doing his hair?" His tablemates seemed to enjoy the question and were last seen brainstorming answers.

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King's Ransom


Four players were in preflop and saw a flop of {5-Spades}{10-Spades}{9-Diamonds}. A player in middle position bet 1,300 and Carter King made the call from the button as the other two players got out of the way.

When the {2-Diamonds} hit the turn, the middle position player moved in for 23,000, prompting King to fold while showing the {10-Hearts}. King left himself with 19,000.

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Baker on the Ropes


Mandy Baker has been nursing a short stack for quite some time. She recently raised a pot from the hijack to 775 only to have the player in the big blind reraise to 2,350.

Baker counted down her stack, 3,800 behind, and looked as though she was going to call; however, something pushed her in the other direction and she decided to fold and save her remaining chips.

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Same Spot, Different Outcome for Esfandiari


Not too long ago we wrote about a hand where Antonio Esfandiari had a worse two piar than his opponent but hit his miracle card on the river to take down a huge pot. Well, the same situation just arose for Esfandiari.

He was faced with an all in bet of 8,175 from the player in the small blind on a board of {A-Clubs}{4-Diamonds}{K-Spades}{Q-Diamonds}. There was about 6,500 in the pot and Esfandiari thought long and hard before making the call. His opponent turned over {A-Hearts}{Q-Hearts} for two pair while Esfandiari was behind with {K-Hearts}{Q-Spades} for a smaller two pair.

Last time, Esfandiari managed to hit his king on the river, but this time it came the {8-Spades}. Esfandiari lost the hand and dropped back down to around 30,000.

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