Event #47: $1,000 No-Limit Hold’em
Event #47: $1,000 No-Limit Hold’em
Day 1a completed

Official Day 1A Chip Counts (full)

Sergey Chernykh 75,150
Justin Brickner 64,400
Didier Leroy 63,750
Tom Braband us 59,125
John Nguyen us 55,375
Vasken Jeknavorian 55,275
Peter Traply hu 55,100
Bahbak Oboodi us 54,025
Sergey Pomerantsev 53,325
Brigitte Korak 52,425
Reed Hensel us 51,750
Daniel Illingworth 51,600
Fredrik Zitting 48,675
Jonathan Jaffe us 48,350
Justin Goss 47,400
Danilo Souza 46,625
Andrew Batey 43,300
Ilya Andreev 40,425
Jeremy Menard us 39,775
Aaron Gustavson us 39,750
Mathieu Pelletier 39,525
Ari Buchman 38,975
Zachary Reynolds 38,750
Michael Bienstock 38,725
Scott Montgomery ca 38,425

Day 1A Comes to an End

Antonio Esfandiari
Antonio Esfandiari

Day 1A of Event #47 $1,000 No Limit Hold'em has come to an end. Play was halted a bit early because of the rapid pace of eliminations. Of the 1,759 players that started the day, approximately 270 players remain and will join the survivors of Day 1B on Monday for Day 2 of the tournament.

Hundreds of players, both amateur and professionals, entered the day with hopes of winning a WSOP gold bracelet. Among those who fell along the way were Chau Giang, Michael Mizrachi, Tom Dwan, Jerry Yang, Chris Ferguson, Billy Baxter, Dennis Phillips and Bernard Lee.

However, there were a few big names who managed to make it to Day 2. They include Antonio Esfandiari, Matt Glantz, Lars Bonding, André Akkari, and Scott Montgomery, who is amazingly looking for back-to-back wins in the $1,000 no limit hold'em events. Unfortunately for them, all of these players trail Justin Brickner, who appears to be our Day 1A chip leader with a little over 86,000.

A new field of players will begin fresh tomorrow for Day 1B of the tournament. What big name pros will take their shot at a bracelet? Of those, who will be fortunate enough to make it through to Day 2? Join us tomorrow at noon local time as PokerNews brings you all the hands, chip counts, and action from Day 1B of Event #47.

One More Hand


The tournament staff just announced that the players will play one more hand and then bag up their chips.

Gross Out?


The table Steve Gross was at has recently broke. We tried to find him at another table, but were unable to locate him. We took several passes and the only logical answer is that he has been eliminated.

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Not That Bad


We've just saw Jeff Sarwer stacking chips, he told us that this time his pocket jacks were good against an opponents ace queen.

Sarwer is now up to 31,000 chips.

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Bad End of Day for Sarwer


Jeff Sarwer is not running good in this end of day. Sarwer just told us he lost a 20k pot. He had queens and his opponent had jacks, a jack on the board leaved him with only 13,000 chips.

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Montgomery On a Roll

Scott Montgomery
Scott Montgomery

Scott Montgomery, who won the last $1,000 event less than a week ago, raised to 1,800 from the cutoff and only the small blind called.

The small blind checked the {J-Hearts}{9-Clubs}{3-Diamonds} flop, allowing Montgomery to bet 1,400. The small blind thought about it for a short period of time before mucking. Montgomery is up to around 33,000 and in great shape to make Day 2.

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Color Up


The tournament staff is asking the players to color up their green chips during the course of play. They stated that the chips would be raced off at the end of the level, but since we probably won't make it that far, they should try to get as many out of the way as possible.