Event #5: $1,500 No-Limit Hold'em

What's For Dinner?

Players have 90 minutes to grab some grub and get back for the last four levels of the night.

The Champ Strikes

Joe Cada, who won last year's Main Event just knocked an opponent out at his table and has increased his stack to 28,000. With all the chips in preflop, Cada turned {10-Spades}{10-Clubs} and was able to stay ahead of his opponent's {9-Spades}{9-Clubs} with a board reading {j-Hearts}{2-Spades}{3-Spades}{8-Clubs}{a-Spades}. Cada now has about 28,000 chips heading into the dinner break.

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J.J. Liu Hanging in There

J.J. Liu was in need of a double up when things got aggressive at her table. On a flop reading {7-Clubs}{3-Clubs}{6-Spades}, the small blind bet 2,000 and Liu countered with a raise to 5,000. When the small blind re-raised to 9,000, Liu made the call, putting herself all in.

Liu: {k-Clubs}{9-Clubs}
Opponent: {j-Diamonds}{j-Spades}

Liu needed some help from the poker gods to stay alive. She didn't get it on the {q-Hearts} turn, but was saved when the river came {j-Clubs}.

Liu is now at about 14,000

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Negreanu in the Mood


"Imma be, Imma be, Imma be" that's what Daniel Negreanu is singing at the table right now. Mr. Negreanu is in the mood and has about 30,000 chips.

At the same table we have Chris Harder (12,000) in Seat 1 and Isaac Haxton (5,500) in Seat 2.

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Dwight Pilgrim Not Ready to Die

Eliminations are coming fast and furious as the night progresses and blinds continue to increase. Dwight Pilgrim wasn't quite in the danger zone yet, but was looking to stay clear of it.

Pilgrim was in late position when he raised to 675 and was called by both blinds, including Vitaqly Lunkin in the big blind.The flop came {6-Spades}{6d{j-Spades} and Pilgrim opted to fire 2,000 into the pot. The small blind raised to 4,000, which prompted Lunking to fold. Pilgrim on the other hand, shoved all in for 9,000 total and was called by the small blind.

Pilgrim: {a-Spades}{j-Hearts}
Opponent: {k-Hearts}{j-Clubs}

Pilgrim was ahead and stayed that way when the {a-Diamonds} on the turn gave him two pair, and the {2-Diamonds} on the river sealed the deal.

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Greg Raymer Eliminated

Greg Raymer
Greg Raymer

Team PokerStars Pro Greg Raymer just opened the pot with a 700 raise and get raised (1,800) by Nathan Huvelle.

Raymer shipped it (10,325) and got called.


Greg Raymer: {a-Diamonds}{k-Spades}
Nathan Huvelle: {j-Spades}{j-Clubs}

Board: {8-Spades}{q-Spades}{4-Hearts}{j-Hearts}{7-Clubs}

And that's it for the Fossilman, Huvelle has about 20,000 chips.

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Humberto Brenes Triples Up

PokerStars Team Pro Humberto Brenes was down to just over 10 big blinds when he shoved on the button and got called by two opponents.

Brenes: {j-Clubs}{j-Hearts}
Opponent 1: {a-Diamonds}{q-Hearts}
Opponent 2: {a-Spades}{q-Clubs}

Humberto was ahead but had some sweating to do. The board came down {4-Diamonds}{k-Clubs}{2-Spades}{9-Clubs}{6-Spades} and Humberto was quick to throw his hands in the air and proclaim his victory. Players who didn't know if Brenes was still alive sure do now.

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Brandon Cantu Eliminated


With a lot limpers in the hand Brandon Cantu, short stacked, decided to raise about half of the stack on the small blind. A player on the button put him all in and the limpers eventually folded.


Cantu: {10-Hearts}{6-Hearts}
Opponent: {a-Hearts}{3-Spades}

Board: {k-Hearts}{a-Diamonds}{4-Hearts}{7-Spades}{q-Diamonds}

And that's it for Cantu.

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Mario Ho Out the Do'

Mario Ho got it all in preflop with {a-Clubs}{k-Clubs} and was up against the {j-Spades}{10-Clubs} of her opponent. Not only did she miss aces and kings, but her opponent hit a set when the board came {6-Hearts}{j-Clubs}{8-Diamonds}{2-Diamonds}{5-Clubs}.

Maria Ho was eliminated and will have to wait another day to try her luck at a 2010 WSOP bracelet

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