Event #51: $3,000 Triple Chance No-Limit Hold’em

Scratch That. A Fantastic Finish for Vedes!

Okay, so Tommy Vedes.

One hand after eliminating Andrea Piva with pocket aces, Vedes found them again on the final hand of the night. There was heavy preflop raising action, and Vedes ended up getting a player with pocket queens to fold. It was a good fold, too; the third player couldn't get away from his pocket kings, and Vedes was poised for another knockout.

There was no funny stuff on the board full of blanks, and Vedes has sent this day out with quite a bang. That final pot shoots him up to 237,000 and that's going to be good enough to snatch the overnight chip lead from David Singer barring some last-minute fireworks on another table.

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