Event #51: $3,000 Triple Chance No-Limit Hold’em

Deja Vu


We feel like we've seen a similar line before. Jon Eaton raised the button and was called by Ryan Welch. Welch chek-calld another bet on an all-small, paired flop of {2-Hearts}{4-Diamonds}{2-Clubs}. When the turn came {5-Spades}, Welch led out for 250,000. Eaton called to the {9-Clubs} river. That's where Welch made a slight over-bet, betting 1.5 million into a pot that had about 1.2 million in it. Eaton tanked for about two minutes before finally giving his cards one last peek and then tossing them into the muck.

Welch has the chip lead again.

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