Event #7: $2,500 2-7 Triple Draw Lowball

Event Info

Prize Pool $669,300
Players 291

Gelencser Pulling Even

Peter Gelencser
Peter Gelencser

Peter Gelencser had the button and both players put in three bets pre-draw and then drew two each. After the first draw, Zimmerman was first up and bet. Gelencser raised and then Zimmerman reraised. Gelencser called.

For the second go around, Zimmerman stood pat. Gelencser drew one card and then raised after Zimmerman bet out. Zimmerman made the call.

Although Zimmerman stood pat on the last draw, for the third draw he broke his hand and drew one card. Gelencser was the one to stand pat this time. Both players then checked.

Zimmerman showed a ninety-seven, but was beat by Gelencser's eighty-six. Zimmerman dropped back to 1.275 million while Gelenscer closed the gap and now has just about one million.

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Don McNamara Eliminated in 3rd Place ($73,803)

Don McNamara - 3rd Place
Don McNamara - 3rd Place

Don McNamara called Peter Gelencser's raise out of the big blind. Gelencser was on the button. McNamara drew three and Gelencser also drew threw.

"That means I'm way behind if he draws three," said McNamara.

After the draw, McNamara bet and Gelencser called. McNamara stood pat for the next draw and Gelencser drew one. McNamara bet his last 30,000 after the second draw and McNamara called. McNamara stood pat again and Gelencser broke a ten to draw better. He then asked McNamara what he had and McNamara said he had a jack. Gelencser's face was overcome with an upset look, having broke the winner, but he pulled an eight to draw to a {9-}{8-}{5-}{3-}{2-} and beat McNamara's {J-}{9-}{8-}{6-}{2-}.

McNamara finished in third place and earned himself $73,803.

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Three Ways

All three players put in three bets each and then each drew two. It was checked to Don McNamara who bet and both Raphael Zimmerman and Peter Gelencser made the call. Gelencser and Zimmerman drew two and McNamara drew one. All three players then checked. On the third draw, they each drew one. Gelencser checked and Zimmerman bet. Both McNamara and Gelencser folded and Zimmerman took the pot.

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We're back at it.

Lots of Action

Don McNamara rasied from the button, to be followed by a raise from Peter Gelencser, to be followed by a raise from Raphael Zimmerman. McNamara called and Gelencser capped it with a fifth bet. Both Zimmerman and McNamara called.

Gelencser and Zimmerman drew one while McNamara took two. Gelencser bet and Zimmerman raised. McNamara got out of the way and Gelencser reraised. Zimmerman made the call and both players stood pat. They checked and Gelencser drew one card while Zimmerman stood pat.

Gelencser checked and when Zimmerman threw out a bet, Gelencser folded.

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