Event #7: $2,500 2-7 Triple Draw Lowball

Event Info

Prize Pool $669,300
Players 291

Don't Mess with Don

It was three handed going into the first draw. David Chiu took one, Raphael Zimmerman drew two, as did Don McNamara. Chiu bet and was called by Zimmerman and McNamara. Chiu drew one and Zimmerman and McNamara both stood pat. Chiu and Zimmerman checked and McNamara bet. The bet wasn't contested and McNamara took down the pot.

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Zimmerman Takes a Nice Lead

Raphael Zimmerman
Raphael Zimmerman

On the button, Raphael Zimmerman raised before Don McNamara reraised from the small blind. Zimmerman made the call. On the first draw, McNamara drew one and Zimmerman drew three.

"This didn't go well for me last time," said McNamara, referencing a time when Zimmerman drew four against him.

After the draw, McNamara bet and Zimmerman called. For the second draw, McNamara stood pat and Zimmerman drew two. McNamara then bet and was called.

On the third and final draw, McNamara was pat again and Zimmerman drew one. McNamara checked and Zimmerman checked behind. McNamara's {9-}{8-}{7-}{5-}{2-} wasn't good enough to beat the {9-}{7-}{4-}{3-}{2-} of Zimmerman and he dropped to 345,000 in chips. Zimmerman now has a solid lead on the field with 780,000 chips in his stack.

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Favorite Color: Orange

The tournament director just came over to the table with a handful of racks to try and color up the massive orange (T1000) stacks that are sitting in front of the players. Peter Gelencser looked at the TD and asked, "Can I keep these," pointing to his fort of orange. The TD shrugged his shoulders, and asked the rest of the table if they wanted to color up. It seems like everyone likes the orange chips, or looking like they have a mountain of chips for now.

Painter Short

Jameson Painter drew one and Don McNamara drew 3. Painter bet and was called by McNamara. They each drew one. Jameson check-called McNamara. Jameson drew one and McNamara stood pat. The two checked the final round of betting and McNamara showed {4-}{2-}{3-}{7-}{6-} to win the pot.

On the next hand, Painter made a ninety-six to double up. He sits with about 60,0000 now.

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Stay at the Hard Rock

Hard Rock
Hard Rock

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Empty Seats


Although play was moved to the main feature table on the ESPN stage, the scene is extremely quiet over here. There's only a handful of people in the stands and about half of that bunch if playing Chinese poker over in the corner, barely paying attention to the final table. If you're in town and around, stop on down if you'd like to catch some deuce-to-seven action.

Four Bets Put in Pre-Draw

David Chiu
David Chiu

Raphael Zimmerman and David Chiu put in four bets each pre-draw. On the first draw, Zimmerman drew two and Chiu stood pat. Zimmerman then checked in the dark and Chiu fired a bet. Zimmerman checked his two new cards and then made the call.

On the second draw, Zimmerman took two again and Chiu stood pat. Zimmerman checked and Chiu bet. Zimmerman made the call and off to the third draw they went.

For the final draw, Zimmerman drew one while Chiu opted to still stand pat. Zimmerman checked and Chiu checked behind. Zimmerman showed two fours, signaling that he paired his hand. Chiu showed a {9-}{8-}{6-}{5-}{4-} and won the pot to get back to about 390,000 chips.

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Chiu Knocked Back


A sizable pot developed between David Chiu and Don McNamara. On the third draw, Chiu stood pat and McNamara drew one. After the draw, both players checked. Chiu mucked when he saw McNamara table a ninety-seven and slipped back to about 200,000.

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Make That a Double Jameson

Peter Gelencser, Jameson Painter, and Raphael Zimmerman each drew two cards. Gelencser bet and Painter raised it, causing Zimmerman to get out of the way. Gelencser drew one and Painter stood pat. Gelencser check-called Painter's all-in bet. Gelencser drew one and Painter stood pat.

Painter showed {7-}{6-}{2-}{4-}{3-} for the double up against Gelencser's {2-}{8-}{4-}{5-}{8-}.