Event #7: $2,500 2-7 Triple Draw Lowball

Israel Strikes Canada

First in from the cutoff seat, Eli Elezra raised, and Greg Mueller three-bet him from the button. Elezra came right back over the top, and Mueller flat-called the four-bet to go drawing.

Both players took one card on each of the first two betting rounds. Both players checked the first draw, and Elezra check-raised Mueller after the second. The two men stood pat and checked down the final betting round.

Mueller: {8-} {7-} {6-} {4-} {3-}
Elezra: {8-} {7-} {6-} {3-} {2-}

It's a silly game, and Elezra's fourth card gives him that nice pot and a chip boost up to 87,000 after being down around the 3,000-chip mark just an hour or so ago.

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Fuhs Eliminated

We didn't see the hand that ended his day, but Daniel Fuhs has just been knocked off in 25th place.

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Bye Bye Davis

Raymond Davis
Raymond Davis

After the first draw, Leonard Martin checked and Raymond Davis bet. Martin made the call and then drew two. Davis stood pat. Martin led out after the draw and Davis called all in for 800. Martin drew one on the final draw and Davis stood pat again.

Martin drew an {8-}{6-}{5-}{4-}{2-} and Davis mucked, unable to beat Martin and becoming our 26th-place finisher. Martin is up to 140,000 chips.

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Turner Sent Off

We picked up the action in a heads-up pot after the first draw. David Chiu was betting when we joined the pot, and Jon Turner made the call to proceed to the second draw.

Chiu patted and bet, and Turner called after taking a card, putting himself all in in the process. He didn't like it though, and he took one more card on the final drawing round, and it was time to squeeze it out for a showdown.

Chiu showed his {8-} {7-} {4-} {3-} {2-}, and Turner's {7-} {6-} {5-} {2-} (X) was still drawing live. He rubbed his final card and flipped up the {6-Hearts}, giving him both red sixes and a useless pair to usher him out the door.

"I swear I threw a red six," said Turner as he gathered his belongings. He was pretty adamant that he'd been dealt

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Stay at the Hard Rock

Hard Rock
Hard Rock

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Turner Finds a Pearl

Jon Turner just picked up a crucial double after getting his chips in with one draw to come. He worked a jack low by the time his last card came around, and he needed to fade Don MacNamara and his one-card draw to a seven low. MacNamara pulled an ace though, and Turner's {J-} {9-} {8-} {4-} {2-} was good enough to bump him back up to 24,000.

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Forrest Crushes Newman

Ted Forrest
Ted Forrest

Ted Forrest raised from the cutoff seat and then Clayton Newman reraised from the big blind. Forrest made the call and then drew two after Newman drew one. Newman bet and Forrest raised to put Newman all in. Newman made the call. He then drew one card while Forrest stood pat. On the next draw, Newman drew another card and Forrest stood pat. Newman was drawing to an {8-}{5-}{4-}{3-} against the {9-}{8-}{6-}{4-}{2-} of Forrest. Newman flipped up another {3-} and paired his hand. He was eliminated from the tournament while Forrest jumped to 120,000 in chips.

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Flowers Uprooted

Dallas Flowers came into the pot raising from the button, and Leonard Martin made the call out of the big blind. Both players drew two cards on the first pull, and Martin led out with a bet. Flowers raised, Martin three-bet, and Flowers made the smooth call.

The second draw saw Flowers asking for two more cards, while Martin was pat from here on out. One more bet from Martin put Flowers all in, and both men patted the last draw and went straight to showdown.

Martin showed up {8-} {7-} {6-} {4-} {3-}, and his eighty-seven has eighty-sixed Flowers from this event in 29th place.

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Singer Yanked Offstage

David Singer
David Singer

David Singer was all in on the third draw, needing one card against Christopher McHugh who was standing pat. McHugh turned over {J-} {7-} {6-} {5-} {3-Clubs}, and Singer liked it. "Drawing to a ten," he said, squeezing out his final card.

It was the {K-Spades}, and that's just no good at all. Unable to beat the jack low, Singer is the first man paid here tonight, out in 30th place.

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Bubble Boy Is On His Bike

Tony G is the bubble boy
Tony G is the bubble boy

That's right, Tony G is the very bubble boy of Event No. 7 and guess who did the deed? It was the player that had been getting the better of Tony G for almost all of the pots they played together: Chris Fargis. Tony G couldn't beat the {9-}{7-}{6-}{5-}{3-} of Fargis after drawing three, then two, then one. Fargis was pat on all streets.

Tony G quickly exited to the rail and didn't want to stick around. With his elimination, everyone is now in the money.

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