Event #9: $1,500 Pot-Limit Hold'em

Nine Remain in Event #9

Steve Chanthabouasy leads the pack into tomorrow's final table
Steve Chanthabouasy leads the pack into tomorrow's final table

Day 2 of the $1,500 Pot-Limit Hold'em event is all over but the shouting, and we've managed to beat the odds and set the final table long before the ten-level cutoff. In fact, it took just a smidge more than eight levels to reduce our starting field of 65 to the final nine.

James Dempsey came into the day with a big chip lead, and he held that position nearly wire to wire. He was occasionally overtaken by a player here and there, but each time he slipped, Dempsey promptly won a big pot to once again regain the top position on the chip counts page. He was just narrowly pipped on the last hand of the night, though, and he'll have to settle for returning to the final table in second place by a single orange T5,000 chip.

We had a pretty stacked field when play began this afternoon, but it was not a good session for most of the notables. Eric "Rizen" Lynch was one of the first players out, and he was followed shortly thereafter by Jason Potter, Tom Schneider, Jonathan Little, and Todd Terry. Tom McEvoy lasted a big longer (but not much), and we also lost the likes of Jason Lavallee, Christian Harder, and Scott Montgomery along the way, the latter coming into the day second in chips.

On the flip side of things, JJ Liu had herself a fine day, and she'll be in third place when the cards go into the air tomorrow. Dempsey is just above her, but Steve Chanthabouasy is atop them all after knocking out Julie Farkas to bring the chip bags out and conclude the day.

Here's how tomorrow's final table will set up:

Seat 1: Armen Kara (220,000)
Seat 2: Gregg Wilkerson (230,000)
Seat 3: Mark Babekov (246,000)
Seat 4: JJ Liu (479,000)
Seat 5: Edward Brogdon (89,000)
Seat 6: Scott Haraden (224,000)
Seat 7: Steve Chanthabouasy (533,000)
Seat 8: Joseph Williams (385,000)
Seat 9: James Dempsey (528,000)

The final nine for #9 will be back in their chairs at 2:30 p.m. sharp tomorrow afternoon, and they'll play until one of them is wearing a brand new gold bracelet. We'll be back here to bring you all of the action as it unfolds, and we sincerely hope you'll join us.

Thanks for following along today, but it's time for us to hit the bar and go to bed. Goodnight from the Amazon Room; we'll see you all tomorrow!

Farkas Out on the Final Table Bubble

On the second hand back from break, fireworks!

Steve Chanthabouasy opened the pot to 37,000, and Julie Farkas potted it to leave just a few thousand chips in her corner. Chanthabouasy put her all in, and Farkas committed her final 123,000 to the pot. Cards up, boys and girls:

Chanthabouasy: {A-Hearts} {K-Diamonds}
Farkas: {K-Spades} {J-Diamonds}

"That was a bad time to do that," Farkas said after seeing her opponent's cards. Indeed it was, and the dealer would provide her no assistance on a board of {7-Diamonds} {Q-Clubs} {9-Clubs} {4-Clubs} {7-Clubs}. A frustrated Farkas shoved her chair back under the table and headed straight out the side door.

She's out in tenth place, and her exits sets the final table for tomorrow.

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Nice Kicker Sir


Steve Chanthabouasy opened the pot with a 25,000-chip raise on the button and James Dempsey called in the big blind.

The flop came out {2-Clubs}{6-Clubs}{10-Diamonds} and both players checked.

Turn: {4-Hearts} and Dempsey fired a 37,000-chip bet. Chanthabouasy called.

River: {q-Spades}

Dempsey fired a 58,000-chip bet and Chanthabouasy tanked for a while. He eventually called and tabled {10-Hearts}{9-Clubs} picking up the pot. Dempsey mucked his {10-Spades}{8-Clubs}.

Chanthabouasy is now up to 120,000 and Dempsey slipped to 500,000.

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Seat Redraw


The cards are flying again, so here's the seat redraw for the final ten contenders:

Seat 1: Armen Kara (299,000)
Seat 2: Gregg Wilkerson (340,000)
Seat 3: Mark Babekov (216,000)
Seat 4: JJ Liu (441,000)
Seat 5: Edward Brogdon (74,000)
Seat 6: Scott Haraden (214,000)
Seat 7: Steve Chanthabouasy (300,000)
Seat 8: Joseph Williams (335,000)
Seat 9: James Dempsey (625,000)
Seat 10: Julie Farkas (158,000)

Ten-Handed Table

The clock has been paused briefly while the remaining ten players are brought to the featured table over here in the Red section. We'll be back in just a moment with the seat draw.

Lewis Out Eleventh

James Lewis
James Lewis

James Lewis got his chips in with {Q-Diamonds} {10-Spades} against {A-Spades} {K-Clubs}, all in and trailing.

The {A-Diamonds} on the flop was not good news for the all-in player, and the board of {8-Spades} {A-Diamonds} {9-Spades} {4-Clubs} {A-Hearts} has given us our 11th-place finisher, James Lewis.

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Serock Slide

Joe Serock raised to 35,000 from the hijack seat, and Armen Kara reraised all in for 144,000 total. Serock made the call for his own tournament life, though he didn't seem to like it. He'd like it even less when the cards were turned up:

Serock: {A-Clubs} {10-Spades}
Kara: {Q-Clubs} {Q-Spades}

Serock flopped a gutterball, but there wasn't much else to help his chances as the board rolled out {7-Clubs} {J-Spades} {9-Spades} {6-Diamonds} {5-Clubs}. Unable to get over the hump, Serock has been sent packing in 12th place. He'll earn a small pay bump, for what it's worth.

Kara was the shortest stack with 24,000 at the start of the previous level, but he now finds himself as the proud owner of about 250,000.

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