Event #57: $10,000 No-Limit Hold'em Championship

Starting to Slow Down

The action thus far today (and really, for the duration of the tournament) has been unrelentingly furious, and we're all a little surprised to find ourselves down around 300 players left as the dinner break approaches. Just in the last hour or so, however, the pace has begun to slow noticeably. It's the first time in days that things have been calm and steady, and the clip of the eliminations is finally starting to taper off a tad.

The average stack is about 70 big blinds deep, and there just aren't many dangerously short stacks left in the room. Most of the middling stacks have plenty of chips to be patient and pick favorable spots, and it seems they're mostly content to do so for the time being.

We're about ten minutes from the dinner break.