Event #57: $10,000 No-Limit Hold'em Championship

Chow Time

Mt. Affleck

The remaining 312 players are off to a 90-minute dinner now to savor the fact that they've made it this far and to psych themselves up for the crucial next few hours. Perhaps they'll look for a way to combat the vortex sprang up in the middle of the room during the last level. The strange force sucked chip after chip into the area immediately in front of Matt Affleck. During the last two hours, Affleck amassed a stack large enough to break the 3 million chip barrier. He dropped slightly to 2.9 million right before dinner, but he is still by far the largest stack in the room heading to dinner.

Although the pace of eliminations slowed, there are still quite a few notables who didn't make it to the dinner break. Allie Prescott's tournament was cruelly cut short when he ran pocket kings into big slick. Adam Schoenfeld, Steven Burkholder, and Cole South also couldn't hang on. Jonathan Tamayo finished 21st in the Main Event last year, but he couldn't crack the top 300 this year. Danny Mizrachi was eliminated, leaving only two Mizrachi brothers to carry on the family fight. And poker media members Mori Eskandani and Eric Morris found their stints as players cut short.

Join us in 90 minutes for the next installment of Main Event drama. Cards back in the air at 7:40 pm.