Event #57: $10,000 No-Limit Hold'em Championship

Hot Start for Habib


On the first hand of the day, Hasan Habib open-raised all in from under the gun for his entire stack of 264,000 and got one caller, Paul Dlugozima sitting in the hijack seat. The others folded, and Habib showed {Q-Spades}{Q-Diamonds}. Dlugozima turned over {A-Hearts}{K-Spades}.

The flop came a dramatic {J-Spades}{10-Diamonds}{Q-Hearts}, giving Dlugozima Broadway but Habib a set as well. The turn then brought the {J-Diamonds}, filling up Habib and making the {3-Hearts} on the river no matter.

Habib moves up to 570,000, while Dlugozima sinks into the danger zone with just 64,000 left.

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