Event #57: $10,000 No-Limit Hold'em Championship

One Last, Fiery Breath for Dragan

In a battle of the blinds, Dragan Galic found {A-Hearts} {K-Spades} and Scott Clements {Q-Hearts} {Q-Spades}, and all of Galic's ~490,000 chips found their way into the middle of the table. He was at risk as the cards were turned up, and the ESPN cameras scurried into position for the board.

There was a king right away for Galic, but it was of not a good flop overall. Clements found his set as it came {K-Clubs} {Q-Clubs} {3-Spades}, and he delivered a piercing wound to Dragan. Galic stumbled back to his feet on the {K-Hearts} turn, picking up four outs for his survival. He took his last breath as the {9-Diamonds} fell on fifth street, however, and Galic has fallen.

Clements is up to 1.85 million after slaying the Dragan.

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