Event #57: $10,000 No-Limit Hold'em Championship

Two Outs, Two Knock-Outs

Manig Loeser shoved for 420,000 in the cutoff seat, and John May called from the button. Next door, John Racener moved all in over the top of both players, and May quickly called all in for his own tournament life, putting two players at risk and a huge pot up for grabs.

Loeser: {6-Diamonds} {6-Spades}
May: {A-Diamonds} {A-Clubs}
Racener: {Q-Diamonds} {Q-Hearts}


And it would only get more "wow"... May was nervous, the flop brought {8-Hearts} {Q-Spades} {9-Hearts}, and Racener spiked his queen to take a huge lead in the hand and put his two opponents two cards from a simultaneous elimination. The turn {K-Spades} missed both players, and the river {K-Diamonds} did as well, and that pot goes to Racener. He's now taken the chip lead with 4.5 million, sending Loeser and May out the door.

May's elimination is an important one. We mentioned earlier that he turned 21 years old on July 7th, and he was the last player Joe Cada had to worry about stealing his youngest-ever-Main-Event-champ ion title. You're safe this year, Joe.

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