Event #57: $10,000 No-Limit Hold'em Championship

Toorell Can't Get Rid of DanDruff


Todd "DanDruff" Witteles was all in for about 700,000 total after a flop of {2-Hearts} {9-Clubs} {J-Clubs}. He found action from Niklas Toorell and his {K-Hearts} {9-Spades}. Witteles was in a commanding lead with his {K-Diamonds} {J-Diamonds}.

The turn {Q-Hearts} opened up a few chop outs for Toorell, but the river {4-Spades} was no help. That kept Witteles safe, doubling him up to about 1.4 million.

Toorell - 1.1 million

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