Event #57: $10,000 No-Limit Hold'em Championship

Bellande Pushes


So far it has been a quiet start to the main feature table, but thanks to Jean-Robert Bellande, he spiced things up a little.

With the action on Bellande in early position, he slid his 680,000-chip stack into the pot and forced three folds before John Racener deliberated for around thirty seconds before folding.

The blinds quickly passed and Bellande collected the pot.

"C'mon John . . . I needed a call!" pleaded Bellande as he tabled his {A-Diamonds}{K-Hearts}.

From the blogging desk it sounded as though Racener had folded {K-}{Q-} to Bellande's all in.

"What! King-Queen! I feel completely robbed!" uttered Bellande as he stacked his chips up to 785,000.

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