Event #57: $10,000 No-Limit Hold'em Championship

Toestesen Not Mucking Around


Alexander Kostritsyn seems to be in the middle of every pot on the secondary feature table, and he was in the thick of it again when he opened to 125,000 from middle position. Evan Lamprea made the call in the hijack before Jakob Toestesen put on the squeeze to make it 425,000 to go from the big blind. Kostritsyn made the call as Lamprea stepped aside.

The flop landed {8-Hearts}{A-Hearts}{6-Hearts} and Toestesen didn't muck around as he moved all in at the million-plus pot. Kostritsyn thought for a moment but released as Toestesen took down the pot. He's up to 3.6 million with Kostritsyn down to 3.5 million.

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