Event #57: $10,000 No-Limit Hold'em Championship

Mizrachi Forced To Fold By Thorson


Tony Dunst opened to 130,000 only to have William Thorson three-bet to 415,000 while announcing, "Let's play the rush!"

With the action on Michael Mizrachi, he bumped it to 915,000 to prompt a quick fold from Dunst before Thorson grabbed a stack of lavender 100,000-denomination chips and announced he was all in.

Mizrachi went deep into the tank resting his head on his hand before standing up for a moment only to return to his seat.

After several minutes, Thorson called the clock on Mizrachi to put the bracelet winner to an even tougher decision.

About a minute went by before Mizrachi reluctantly folded as Thorson offered him a chance to choose a card to sweat.

Mizrachi picked the one closer to him and Thorson revealed the {Q-Diamonds} while collecting the pot to move to over 10,600,000 in chips.

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