Event #57: $10,000 No-Limit Hold'em Championship

Duhamel Makes Boat To Sail Through Berkey


Jonathan Duhamel raised it up from the hijack position to 200,000 and Matthew Berkey made the call in the big blind.

They saw a flop of {6-Hearts}{3-Diamonds}{6-Spades} and Berkey checked to Duhamel who made it 245,000 to go. Berkey responded with a check-raise to 625,000 and Duhamel made the call.

The turn brought the {8-Diamonds} and the action was check, check, as the {2-Clubs} hit the river. Berkey led out with a bet of 1.2 million before Duhamel moved all in for 1.835 million more. Berkey made the call.

Berkey showed {6-Diamonds}{10-Diamonds} for trips but Duhamel held {8-Hearts}{8-Clubs} for a turned full house to double through. The massive 7.9 million chip pot heads to Duhamel as Berkey is crippled to just 95,000.

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