Event #57: $10,000 No-Limit Hold'em Championship

Positioning for Tomorrow

With the elimination of Gianni Direnzo in 29th place, we are just one elimination away from the end of play tonight.

While all 27 players who make it through to tomorrow's Day 8 theoretically have a chance to make the November Nine, it goes without saying that those with the biggest stacks obviously have a better chance of actually doing so.

Last year, all nine of those who made the final table were in the top 12 in chips with 27 players remaining. Billy Kopp (2nd to start that last day), Jamie Robbins (9th), and Ben Lamb (10th) did make it to the final table.

Eventual winner Joe Cada actually had the fewest chips of all the November Niners to start the final day of the summer, sitting in 12th place to begin the day.