Event #57: $10,000 No-Limit Hold'em Championship

Robert Pisano Eliminated in 23rd Place ($317,161)

Robert Pisano - 23rd place

Robert Pisano was down to a puny two big blinds to begin this level thanks to that crippling put just before the break. On the first hand back, he was in the small blind, and he went ahead and put his 300,000 in there dark. Soi Nguyen made a minimum raise (after failing to notice the level increase), and Pascal LeFrancois called from the big blind to create a side pot.

Both live players checked the {Q-Hearts} {10-Spades} {2-Clubs} flop, and LeFrancois bet 180,000 on the {2-Spades} turn. That folded Nguyen and got him heads up to a showdown with Pisano at risk. Cards up, gents:

LeFrancois: {Q-Spades} {8-Clubs}
Pisano: {J-Spades} {9-Diamonds}

"King please" one of Pisano's railbirds asked. "Ten dollars for a king, dealer!"

There would be no king. The river {J-Diamonds} was not enough to save Pisano from extinction, and he has been eliminated in 23rd place.

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