Event #57: $10,000 No-Limit Hold'em Championship

Who Are You Wearing?

Patrick Eskandar

There is a rule in place at the WSOP regarding the sponsorship logos and patches that players are allowed to wear when they're playing on television tables.

Rule #50 states, in part:
B.i.: During all events taped for television coverage, and at the start of each television taping day, no more than three (3) players at the Final Table – and all other tables featured for television coverage – will be allowed to wear apparel with logos, patches or promotional language from the same entity.

All three of our remaining tables are obviously being filmed for television, but it appears that this outer table is working under a different set of rules. The table is physically different, to be sure -- there are no hole card cameras or microphones on the players -- and it seems that Rule 50-B does not apply here.

We currently have four players sharing the same sponsor logos over here on this outer table. Benjamin Statz, Soi Nguyen, Pascal LeFrancois, and Patrick Eskandar are all patched up with Full Tilt Poker logos. The players were instructed not to add or remove any patches during the course of today's action (as per Section iii of that rule), but it looks like these four men are allowed to sit together under the same logo.