Event #57: $10,000 No-Limit Hold'em Championship

We've Reached the Second Break; 19 Remain

Filippo Candio went boom!

Before the first break, we were hit with a handful of bustouts. It was much the same in the second level of the day with Robert Pisano (23rd), William Thorson (22nd), Remond Lee (21st) and Patrick Eskandar (20th) all hitting the rail.

Thorson got it all in with the {J-Diamonds}{10-Diamonds} against John Racener's pocket kings. Even after the flop came down {A-Diamonds}{6-Diamonds}{2-Hearts}, Thorson couldn't come from behind to double up. He hit the rail and saw his second deep run in the WSOP Main Event come to an end in 22nd place.

Beyond the eliminations, there were some extremely large pots played out this level. Matt Affleck and Matthew Jarvis played a massive pot of between 17 and 18 million in chips that ended when Jarvis shoved the river. Affleck couldn't call and was knocked down to about 4.5 million in chips. On the very next hand, he went to war again with Jarvis. Affleck's pocket aces were up against the {A-}{K-} for Jarvis and he held to double him back to about 10 million.

Neither of those pots would top the one played between Joseph Cheong and Filippo Candio. The two played a massive pot worth over 25 million chips on the flop of {6-Hearts}{6-Clubs}{5-Clubs}. Cheong held two black aces and was up against the {7-Spades}{5-Spades} for Candio. After the turn came the {8-Spades} and the river the {4-Clubs}, Candio went runner-runner to a straight and doubled up in a massive way. He's now the new chip leader and it wasn't without any subtle celebration as he ran around jumping up and down while hugging a friend and screaming.

Racener and Jonathan Duhamel also had excellent levels which brought their stacks up to around 20 million each.

We'll be back here in 20 minutes and have all the official counts for you then.